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Feeling Anxious and Frustrated with your Dental Care?

At Your New Dentist our philosophy is simple…

  • We look after our patients as though they are family and friends
  • We help our patients overcome their fear of the dentist
  • We deliver great care and service every day
  • We are active members of our local community
  • We help our patients discover the confidence and freedom that comes from a healthy smile
  • We are committed to helping our patients reduce their dental disease risk and save them money
  • We offer a positive workplace culture that fosters learning, personal development and career growth

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What We Do

Provide great quality of care across all our dental services

The Team

Committed to providing a positive dental experience for you and your family

How To Find Us

7 The Semi Circle, VIC 3717
03 5715 6442

Our Community

Discover how we are making a difference in our local Community!

Your New Dentist – your local Yea Dentist

Proudly caring for the person attached to the tooth – You.
Each and every day we are helping people like you love life with a healthy, confident smile.
We are committed to providing personalised and positive dental experiences and actively supporting health in our community.

Your New Dentist will challenge your expectations in the very best way possible

My name is Monica O’Malley, I have been part of the dental industry for 26 years. Your New Dentist is my Private family dental practice committed to personalised care and positive dental experiences for all ages. As our patient, you will discover the freedom and confidence that comes from great oral health as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

You have a way of thinking about, talking about and experiencing dental care that’s reflective of your wider community. Our aim is to turn your thinking on its head, to revolutionise your previous experience of the dental industry. Every day we are helping you (and your community) overcome your fear of the dentist.

The negative stereotypes you carry stop you from accessing the dental care you need. How often have you avoided visiting your dentist out of fear, shame or guilt? We challenge your stereotypes. We actively work to make your visit to the dentist one that leaves you positive and empowered, an experience you no longer fear.

If you have been avoiding care for many years, we provide you encouragement so you feel confident enough to turn up for treatment. We know that you will be delighted with the care and service you receive with us.

What’s your dental story? I am often disheartened overhearing conversations in public about dental care that convey an undercurrent of fear and cynicism. I perceive that the general public perception of dentists is sadly dominated by an image of someone who is elitist, self-serving and only interested in the next luxury car or paying of the kids private school fees.

Your New Dentist will challenge your expectations in the very best way possible. We invite you to experience a breath of fresh air in your dental care. Your New Dentist provides you with dental care that is great value, non-judgmental, compassionate and connected.

At Your New Dentist we are real people delivering you great quality, relevant, positive dental care. Your New Dentist will help you rewrite your dental story.

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