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“You can rest assured of the highest standard of hygiene practices. We are committed to ongoing training and keeping up to date with industry developments. And we are focused on making your next dental experience memorable for all the right reasons.”

Dr Monica O’Malley – Dentist

“Outside the Orifice”, my hobbies include reading, cooking, music, food, wine, motorcycling, gardening and learning to sit still and meditate! I have two dogs – BIddy and Capper.

I play double seconds in a Trinidadian Steel Pan Band called ‘Hot Pans on Fire”. The band was formed in Marysville in 2009 after the Black Saturday fires as a community recovery initiative. My fellow band members were impacted on that day, their lives changed forever. They are a constant source of inspiration to me and proof of the power of human capacity through positivity. The Band has now performed countless gigs since 2009 and in 2014 we took our message to the world when we toured the south of France. Visit www.trianglecommunitysteelbands.com.au

Gardening for me has been a growing obsession. In 2008 (just prior to Black Saturday), I arrived at my current home in Toolangi, in the Yarra Ranges, to a garden that consisted of an acre of grass. Since then I have the great pleasure of transforming it into a colorful and quirky landscapes space. Gardening is a hobby I am passionate about and one that has taught me a lot about getting your hands dirty as you strive to make a difference in the world.

The creation of a garden has proved to be an ideal metaphor for building a business and a local service. Both are proof of the power of hard work, optimism, and patience. My garden has shown me we are all in a constant state of evolution and that anything is possible.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?  Making a difference in the world through the care of others.

Dr Hannah Dolby – Dentist

Having grown up in Perth, I moved to Adelaide to do my studies and become a dentist. My interest in dentistry started when I realised that some people were scared of the dentist! My dentist growing up was my mum and, while she was good at being scary when my room was messy, I hadn’t fathomed that this was a place that caused people so much disillusionment and anxiety. It helped fuel my desire to use my working life to not only to fix teeth but to change the way that people think about dental health.

Upon graduating, I seized an opportunity to live and work in rural Victoria where I fell in love with its beauty, before moving down settling in Melbourne. I enjoy the dynamic and vibrant lifestyle that working across Victoria allows. Aside from dentistry, I usually have my head in a book or am working through self-learning cross-stitching and cryptic crosswords. On weekends you’ll find me exploring my new home; going for walks, camping, swimming or going to a cafe.

Having had experience in both private and public clinics, I am enthusiastic in providing treatment to clients of all walks of life, recognising everyone has their own needs and expectations. In particular, I really value the ability to help nervous patients build their dental confidence back, and helping children have a positive first experience at the dentist.

As part of the Your New Dentist team, I am passionate about continually expanding my education to provide the highest quality of care for all of the clients in my care. I regularly attend additional dental training through various conferences and associations, and with the rest of the team.

Dr Grace Smith – Oral Health Therapist / Hygienist

Hi, I am Grace Smith and I am one of the newest editions to the Your New Dentist Team. I have moved from a small country town in South Australia to experience life in the ‘big smoke’. I am a qualified Oral Health Therapist / Hygienist.  I am able to provide you with a range of treatments including professional cleaning and preventive care. I am also able to deliver general dental care – things like x-rays, fillings, and sealants for our under 18’s.

You will still see your regular dentist for your check up and any treatment required and best of all the cost of your Hygiene and preventive services are all included in your check-up visit.
Currently, I am available Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Saturdays, and  I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Dr Katharine Dal Santo – Dentist

I wanted to become a dentist after knocking out a tooth during a waterskiing accident as a twelve year old. My dentist was fantastic, and I was fascinated by the procedures he used to save my tooth. This made me realise that I wanted to be a dentist, and has inspired me to effectively communicate with my patients. So please, if you have any questions just ask!

I have many years of dental experience, I was originally an oral health therapist before studying further to become a dentist. I love my work and particularly enjoy getting to know all my patients!

But there is more to me than dentistry. I play hockey, hike and am a puzzle addict. I also love the outdoors, especially walking my dogs. Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to know more about you and be Your New Dentist.

Dr Jaci Bolton – Dentist

Introducing Dr Jacalyn Bolton. BSc (Monash), BDSc. Hons (Melb), Postgraduate Cert Dental Studies (Kings College, 1977)

Jaci completed a Bachelor of Science (Monash University 1997) and then went on to Graduate with Honours – Dental Science in 2002. Jaci is a highly experienced general dental practitioner having traveled extensively around Australia after graduation. During this time Jaci gained invaluable experience in a range of contexts – Private and public. Jaci has successfully undertaken a number of long term locums on most states in Australia.

This has allowed her to gain a variety of experiences and an extensive knowledge base – within all fields of dental care and delve into what she truly loves – which is meeting and engaging with people from all different walks of life. In 2007, after a one-year sabbatical in Canada, Jaci relocated to Hobart where she spent 10 very successful years as a private practice dentist.

Jaci has recently returned to Ballarat (her hometown), where she has been practicing in both the public and private sectors. Currently, Jaci works as a clinical demonstrator and supervisor for La Trobe University, where she proudly shares her knowledge and experience with the next generation of dentists.

Jaci is passionate about continued learning and improvement and has committed significant amounts of time attending courses and seminars on a wide variety of topics.
Jaci enjoys all aspects of general dentistry particularly focusing in current evidence-based best practice in the areas of Prevention, Periodontics and Aesthetics.

In Jaci’s own words:
“My main passion in providing dental treatment is derived more so from the simple yet genuine pleasure I experience daily from supporting and educating our patients on their lifelong journey with patience, trust and empathy. I endeavor to provide dental care in a way that is sensitive to a patient’s situation, with the greater goal being to avoid discomfort, improve aesthetics, maintain function and make a positive difference to their health and general wellbeing for the long term”

Jaci is a country girl at heart, a mad keen sports person, general foodie and lover of culinary delights!

In 2018, Jaci was a guest at The YND annual Team Development three-day seminar. Jaci positively embodies all that the YND Brand stands for and we are excited to welcome her aboard to assist us to build the future YND Network.

Dr Amy Thompson – Dentist

Hi, my name is Amy. I am a recent edition to Your New Dentist and couldn’t be more excited to join the team as a dentist. I grew up in the Western suburbs of Melbourne before moving to Bendigo to study dentistry at La Trobe University. I have since had the opportunity to experience life and providing dental services in regional and rural towns throughout Victoria including Mildura, Wodonga and Orbost.

As a child, like many of us, I grew up without regularly attending the dentist, which didn’t help with the nerves when it came time to really needing to go. I was lucky to have found such a gentle, understanding dentist who didn’t make me feel bad ashamed for the condition of my teeth or the fact that I ‘forgot’ to floss for the second year in a row. This turned dentistry into a positive experience for me which grew not only my motivation to take better care of my oral health but also my confidence and eventually my interest in the profession as a career. I want to be able to pass on this positive experience to my patients and hopefully change the way dentistry is perceived.

Outside of dentistry, I find a lot of my time is spent spoiling my four-legged fur baby, a Chihuahua named Opie (please ask if you want to see photos, I will happily show you a hundred of them). I also love cooking for friends and family, curling up on the couch with a good book or listening to the latest podcast. I find peace in trying to teach myself to knit and photography of all sorts. I will also be taking up some Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) classes, so would love for you to put my newly learnt skills to test if you can sign too.

Stef – Dental Assistant

Stef loves chatting to patients and making them feel welcome the the practice. She is continuously obtaining knowledge about running a dental practice and contributing to the dental community in a way that allows her to be the best dental assistant she can be.

Stef is doing further study and does volunteer programs in remote Australia and overseas to assist where there is a lack of education and resources for dental health.

Outside of work Stef loves spending time outdoors, bush walking, catching up with friends, walking her dog and playing netball. Traveling overseas is one of her passions too, she is very grateful to have had the opportunity to do this and is look forward to move travelling adventures in the future.

Tracey – Dental Assistant

Hi my name is Tracey, I’m now in my 30th year in the dental industry, and still love being a part of it all!

Working with such a fun dedicated team, providing great care, connecting with and looking after our clients, like we would our family and friends, is what I think we do best.

Outside of work parkrun, bike riding and the gym keep me fit. I love the outdoors, hiking, beach walks with my dog, BBQ’s with friends and sitting around the open fire with a glass of wine toasting marshmallows. I enjoy making cheese cakes, and always have a novel I’m reading close by.

Recently I have taken on a new role requiring me to step out of clinic a little more. Taking care of behind the scenes running of the practice, which I’m quite enjoying, and learning a lot of new new skills along the way.

I’m Looking forward to meeting you soon, and welcoming you to the YND family.

Stella – Dental Assistant

Hello my name is Stella, I began my career in the dental industry in 2015 and instantly fell in love with my job. I really enjoy working within the  community and helping people achieve happiness through health. 

When I’m not working, I like to visit my family located in the Yarra Valley and Gippsland Region. In my spare time I like to help my dad restore vintage motorcycles and military equipment and enjoy the great outdoors by going for lots of hikes.

I’m a bit of a travel bug and love music so any recommendations are appreciated.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Frances – Dental Assistant

Hi my name is Frances. 2014 was the year I joined the dental industry working at a busy inner city practice in Brisbane.

Before that I was in hospitality working and living in some amazing places along the Queensland coastline such as Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, Magnetic Island & Cairns’s northern beaches.

I moved to the Yarra Valley in October 2017 with my partner and our cat Mowgli.

When I’m not working I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends & family and exploring what the Yarra Valley has to offer!

I look forward to meeting you 🙂

Krystal – Dental Assistant

Hi, my name is Krystal and saying “Yes” to an interview at YND was the best decision I ever made. I have been a dental assistant for 15 years and only now do I feel that I am somewhere I truly belong. I have grown up in the area and love that I am just 5 minutes from work these days.

My main passion is kids and people with special needs, as it is very close to my heart. I am a born performer but am only just getting back into it after having my 2 beautiful, very “spirited” children.

Looking forward to chatting, singing or just having a laugh with you soon.


Capper – Dental Therapy Dog

Capper (aka Mr Wiggles, Monster Man, The Baron Von WeaselHoffer) was found and rescued as a stray pup one Saturday morning in outback NSW. We think he is a Mini Foxy cross Whippet – though I am sure there is some monkey in there too. He was a bag of bones when I found him, covered in ticks and fleas. We estimate about 13 weeks old… rummaging around the back of a hardware store called ‘Capper’s’, Hence his name (nothing to do with Warwick!).
Capper is a true sweetheart. Happy make new friends everyday. He had never invented an online game.. he has no interest in ball-sports and his attempts at learning to tap-dance have been disappointing. Now at the beautiful and contently relaxed age of 10 years he loves visiting the Practice and sharing his special kind of love with all of us. If you would like to meet Capper on your next visit please let us know ( His tail is wagging already).