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Each and every day,

Your New Dentist is helping people love life with a healthy confident smile…

What we do

We proudly care about the person attached to the tooth

Each and every day, Your New Dentist is helping people love life with a healthy confident smile…

Your New Dentist provides quality dental care for the whole family that is comfortable, empathetic and non-judgmental. Your New Dentist will work you to find treatment solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget.

We are committed to positive dental experiences.

Your New Dentist believes in profit for a purpose and outside of the ‘Orifice’ we proudly support local and international charitable organisations helping to support better health. Your New Dentist is a Proud Business Partner with Bridge Builders Youth Organisation (Lilydale) and we have proudly supported Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) Since 2006.

We are committed to giving back to the local and global community so that others may have the opportunity to experience happiness and security in an improved quality of life.

We welcome you to join our community today. By being part of our dental community you are directly contributing to improving the health and well-being of others here at home and overseas. Thank you!

Your personalised dental services includes:

Check Ups and Consultations

If it’s been a while since your last check up, you may be a little anxious as you wonder about “what are they going to find?” We understand. At your check up Visit, Your New Dentist will take the time to get to know you and your previous “dental story”. Your New Dentist is a “lecture free zone”.

Your New Dentist is thrilled that you have made contact and have taken the first step to get your smile back on track. Your New Dentist is committed to taking the mystery out of your check up visit. You might be offered radio graphs (x-rays), at your visit to make sure we have carried out a complete examination.
Your New Dentist uses everyday language. You will leave your check up appointment with confidence, a suggested treatment plan and a quote, free from upselling.

Comprehensive New patient examinations start at $65.00 (without x-rays).

Preventive Dentistry

In the nicest possible way, we want to see less of you. Your New Dentist is committed to prevention. We offer treatment options aimed at saving you on dental treatment in the future.

Preventive Dentistry can include; Fluoride applications, densensitising treatments and fissure sealants.
Prevention is powerful at any age. Your New Dentist will give you easy take home hints to keep your smile looking great.

Professional Cleaning

“But I clean my teeth everyday, why do I need a professional clean?”
Have you ever noticed that stubborn build up behind your lower front teeth? It’s called “Tartar” or calculus. It’s a build up of calcium from your saliva and about 95% of people have it. Once it’s there it’s impossible to shift with a toothbrush or flossing. Left for a long time it can make your gums very inflamed and makes it very difficult to keep your teeth clean.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand for the stuff the toothbrush can’t shift.
Professional cleaning techniques are quick and effective at removing Tartar and the stains that build up around it. Professional cleaning supports your daily routine, lowers your risk of gum problems and helps keep your smile looking fantastic.

Children's Dentistry

Our early experiences at the dentist are important in shaping our health in the future. Negative memories are unfortunately are difficult to erase.

Our Team is committed to giving kids a fun positive introduction to dental care. Your New Dentist is passionate about banishing the horror stories of old.

Set them up for a great dental future. Healthy future healthy smiles, free from a fear of the dentist.
Gentle, considerate, and above all FUN!

Restorative Services

Today we are lucky to be able to offer a wide range of restorative treatments. “Fillings” are they usually known are designed to restore damaged teeth back to function and look great. Your New Dentist will present you with all your options.


When removal of a tooth is necessary Your New Dentist will ensure you are in the best of hands throughout the procedure and after care. Radiographs (x-rays) are recommended prior to an extraction to ensure the procedure is safe and uncomplicated.

Periodontal Care

Gum disease is a common condition. Left untreated, gum disease will in most cases lead to loss of teeth. Some people are at a greater risk of gum disease because of genetics, diseases such as diabetes or lifestyle factors such as smoking. Your New Dentist takes care of teeth and gums. Some forms of gum disease have no symptoms at all until it’s too late. If you are concerned about the health of your gums, get on contact today – there are a range of treatments for gum disease available that will help you lower your risk and keep your teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

You’re not alone if these three words make you a little nervous. Root Canal Therapy or “RCT”, belongs to a branch of dentistry called Endodontics. Where appropriate, RCT’s are recommended for teeth as alternative to extraction. Successful RCT treatment can allow you to keep your tooth. Discomfort may be experienced in a small number of cases if the tooth is very inflamed at the first visit – however, this is only true in a fraction of the cases. The VAST majority of RCTs are completely painless.

Perhaps you’ve been recommended to have an RCT, you’ve heard some horror stories and you’d like to know what to do next. We’d love to hear from you, help you have a positive RCT experience and above all help you keep your tooth.

Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Treatments

There are a huge range of whitening treatments available now on the market. Maybe you’ve tried a few and have been left unimpressed. Your New Dentist has a range of whitening treatments that work the price starts from $150 for a 10 day take home kit. Make an appointment today for a consultation to discuss your personalised whitening plan.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges are used to restore and replace very damaged and / or missing teeth. The materials available for crowns and bridges include Porcelain and gold. Crowns and Bridge are more expensive than direct (single visit) restorations, however, they are highly aesthetic and are very durable – designed to last well beyond the life span of a single visit restoration.

Implant restorations

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. The first stage – the implant itself (made from Titanium) is surgically placed into the jaw. Your New Dentist will refer you to a highly skilled Specialist Oral Surgeon for the assessment and surgical phase. Once the implant has healed we can then restore it with a crown or bridge made of highly aesthetic materials such as porcelain and zirconia. The finished result is just like having a natural tooth back in place.


Dentures are an affordable way to replace missing teeth. There are a range of materials available depending on your needs and budget. A well-made denture will look just like your real teeth or better without looking fake. Your New Dentist can make dentures that are comfortable, function well and look so realistic and natural that nobody but you and I will know.

Anti Snoring Devices

Is snoring costing you more than a good nights sleep? Waking up tired? Irritable? Is there pressure on your relationship? Your New Dentist can provide you with Customised Dental Appliance that is clinical proven to be as effective in most cases of mild to moderate snoring and sleep apnoea.
Recent research tells us that sleep apnoea is Iinked with a whole range of other health issues including; high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. Did you know that your are 7 times more likely to be involved in a single vehicle accident if you suffer from sleep apnoea? If you have a grumpy sleepy bear living in your house, call us today. You may just save their life.

Sleep Dentistry

Fear and anxiety are two of the most common reasons why most people avoid dental treatment. With the use of General anaesthetic you can sleep through the entire dental procedure unaware of the sights, smells and sounds, easing fear, anxiety and discomfort.
You can rest assured that their procedure is being managed with specialised equipment and personnel.

While you are asleep you can often have several/all necessary dental treatments completed in one session rather than multiple visits.

Children and adults alike can have most dental procedures performed via sleep dentistry including fillings, crowns, multiple extractions, removal of wisdom teeth and implant placements.
A consultation with the anaesthetist is required to ensure patients are medically fit for sleep dentistry. Estimates for dental treatment using sleep dentistry can be provided at the time of consultation.
Patients with Private Health Insurance should consult their insurer regarding any rebates/assistance for treatment provided under general anaesthetic in the hospital setting.

The most important service we provide is getting to know you as an individual and providing personalised preventive advice. Your New Dentist is passionate about supporting you to be in control of your dental health.

In the nicest possible way, we want to see less of you.