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Who Is Your New Dentist?

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We are passionate about good quality, gentle dental care with a focus on the prevention through education and support
Find Out How We Are Different

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Family Friendly Dentist

Your New Dentist is a family-friendly dental service owned and operated by Dr Monica O’Malley

Dental Education & Support

We are passionate about good quality, gentle dental care with a focus on the prevention through education and support

A Caring Dentist

Your New Dentist proudly cares for the person attached to the tooth

Positive Dental Experiences

We are committed to providing personalised and positive dental experiences for all our patients

It’s great to meet you…

Who on earth would want to be a dentist?

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I hear this question a lot. The answer for me is that I actually became a dentist a little by accident. Born in 1972 in the western suburbs of Sydney, I began my career as a dental assistant in the early 1990’s. I quickly found that I became completely engaged with helping and caring for others. In 1993 I graduated as a dental therapist, laying my initial groundwork as a practitioner in Community Health services.

In 1995 I became the first member of my family to enroll in university. In 1998 I graduated from Sydney University with a Masters Degree in Health Science Education. In 1999 I went on to enroll in the Bachelor of Dentistry and graduated with Honours in 2003. I feel humbled to have the opportunity to play a part in the health of the local community.

The question for me now is…

Why do I continue being a dentist?’ The answer to this is easy. I care about people and every day I am grateful to have developed skills that allow me to engage with others and make a positive contribution to their health and well being. I am committed to ongoing study and developing my skills as a practitioner, to ensure my patients continue to receive personalized, high-quality care.

I go to the dentist every day, but let’s face it – going to the dentist is not at the top of everyone’s to-do list. It saddens me to think that most of us (me included) have at some stage had a less than ideal dental experience – I know this has had an impact on our confidence at the dentist. This of course comes at a price, when we avoid care that can at times leave us in pain or feeling embarrassed.

I am passionate about good quality, gentle dental care with a focus on the prevention through education and support.

It is possible to experience fewer dental problems and look forward to a future where unpleasant visits to the dentist are a thing of the past.

Your New Dentist can show you how.

Your New Dentist Vision:

To be a successful, socially conscious, well respected and innovative provider of quality dental services
who revolutionise how the community perceives and experiences dental care.

Your New Dentist Mission:

To encourage those patients who have been avoiding care for many years to feel confident to
present for treatment and be delighted with the care they receive.
We want help our community rewrite its dental story.

Our Core Values

We are mindful of the many causes and conditions (which may be derived from nature, nurture or environment) that give rise to an individuals’ personality and reactions. We do not place negative and limiting labels on others that in turn limit our perception of who they are. We treat each other and our patients in a manner that preserves dignity, with empathy, respect and professionalism.

Zero Harm
We are committed to working safely, taking care of our patients, each other and the environment.

Integrity and Ethical Behaviour
We are fair, honest, reliable and professional.

Co-operation and Teamwork
We are dedicated to working effectively with each other and those in our professional network to deliver optimum service outcomes.

Value Creation and Client Relationships
We are focused on creating patient value in the dental health and our dental service. We are motivated by exceeding our patients’ expectations.

We Value our Team
We are highly motivated in individual development and provide recognition, encouragement and direction through positive leadership.

We willingly challenge conventional thinking about what a visit to the dentist is all about and are passionate about inspiring positive health outcomes and perceptions of dental care.

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